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Emerald Capital Strategic Advisors (“Emerald Capital”) is a real estate development and incentive / financing consulting firm that serves clients nationally. We provide consulting services to emerging real estate developers to assist through the development process from idea, feasibility studies, cost budgeting, proforma buildout, capital assembling/sourcing, due diligence project management, assistance in financing closing, construction disbursement, and compliance reporting.
Emerald Capital specializes in sourcing incentive financing such as New Markets Tax Credits, Historic Tax Credits, Brownfields, PACE, and other incentives that a project would qualify. Our team also assists and negotiates local incentives such as tax abatement, tax increment financing, and community improvement districts. Lastly, we utilize our strong relationships with local and national lenders to assist in sourcing debt financing for projects.


Emerald Capital was created to be a conduit to real estate development expertise and capital resources for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. We make complex real estate transactions, incentives and unconventional financial products available and understandable to all clients.


The team behind Emerald Capital believes that there is a lack of real estate development expertise, access of Federal and State Incentives and atypical financing for smaller businesses, nonprofits, and developers without a dedicated/sophisticated finance team. Emerald Capital believes that real estate development expertise, Federal/State Incentives and unconventional forms of financing should be available for all organizations, regardless of their financial back office capabilities.
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